Personal information

  • Sex: Male
  • Date of birth: 24 September 1964
  • Place of residence: Jeddah

Medical Doctor. He founded a private hospital, the International Medical Centre in Jeddah. He also hosted a popular TV show called Mahyay,(My Living) which addressed psychological, social, and physiological issues.

Arrest and jail information

  • Date of arrest: 5 November 2017
  • Manner of arrest: Arrested with excessive force from the hospital where he worked

Trial information

  • Charges: Obtaining US citizenship without permission, criticising an Arab country on Twitter, and supporting and sympathising with a terrorist organisation.
  • Verdict: Three years and two months in prison


  • Arbitrary arrest/ detention ,
  • Enforced disappearance ,
  • Denied contact with family ,
  • Denied access to a lawyer ,
  • Torture and ill-treatment

Violation details

Arbitrary arrest and detention without charge for 20 months; he was placed on a chair and electrocuted, whipped, and denied family visits and phone calls for long periods.


  • 14 January 2021 - His sentence was reduced from six years to three years and two months, with half of it suspended, and a travel ban of similar duration. Since he has already been in detention since November 2017 he is released from prison

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