Publication date: 20/06/2021

With deep sadness, ALQST mourns the death of its Executive Director, icon of the Emirati human rights movement Alaa Al-Siddiq, in a tragic traffic accident on Saturday, 19 June 2021.

ALQST, together with the police and local authorities, looked into the incident and found no suggestion of foul play. The police have taken a similar view and will be publishing the outcome of their investigations once they are complete.

Alaa was a friend, a colleague and a sister to all of those around her, and she always did what she could to help others. She left the UAE to fight for human rights after her father was arbitrarily imprisoned, and worked as a volunteer with ALQST before becoming Director of Diwan London and then Executive Director of ALQST.

Many people will remember her tireless devotion to her work; her passion for helping others and standing up for them; her powerful defence of human rights; and her efforts in support of worthy causes. 

Her last tweet, in response to a comment that “only when the last prisoner of conscience has been freed… will our work be done” was the Quranic verse: “and his effort will be seen” (Surat al-Najm 53:40). We saw your effort, Alaa, and we ask God to give you your heavenly reward for it.

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