Personal information

  • Sex: Female
  • Date of birth: 11 May 1988
  • Place of residence: Riyadh

She a medical doctor in Riyadh. She is active on social media, discussing Saudi politics and advocating for human rights in Saudi Arabia, including women’s rights, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and freedom for prisoners of conscience.

Arrest and jail information

  • Prison: Al-Ha’ir Prison, Riyadh
  • Date of arrest: May 2021
  • Manner of arrest: Arrested by officials from the Saudi Presidency of State Security raided her family home in Riyadh.

Trial information

  • Charges: She was detained in accordance with Articles 2 and 19 of the Law on Combatting Terrorism Crimes and its Financing. However, the government provided no further information on any charges being brought against her.


  • Arbitrary arrest/ detention ,
  • Enforced disappearance ,
  • Denied access to healthcare


  • 26 July 2021 - It was announced that she is eventually held in Al-Ha'ir prison.
  • Late May 2021 - Officials from the Saudi Presidency of State Security raided her family home in Riyadh, arrested her and forcibly disappeared her for two months.

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